Battle Isle - The Andosia War

Battle Isle - The Andosia War 0.206

THE ANDOSIA WAR establishes a new game genre to the players around the world
0.206 (See all)
Blue Byte Inc.

With its combination of real-time and turn-based elements, THE ANDOSIA WAR establishes a new game genre. It opens up gaming possibilities of an entirely new dimension of complexity without falling into a click-fest so prevalent in pure real-time games. The constantly changing conditions in real time lead to new game situations which have to be dealt with by tweaking operation plans on the battlefield and optimizing resource planning. On the border between exciting real-time maneuvers and the demands of strategic planning, a new, exciting kind of game experience emerges where there is a time for cool planning, quick reactions, discovery of stunning landscapes and time for pursuing exciting mission goals!

A core component of the strategy in THE ANDOSIA WAR involves securing the necessary resources and carefully planning how they are to be used. Raw materials must be collected; factories, research facilities and power plants have to be built and transportation systems have to be created. Depending on the stage of economic and scientific development, the production of a diverse range of armaments is possible. All of this, including the actions of the player, take place in real time and continue in the background while the player plans and sets up his military maneuvers.

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